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A leader is broadly defined to the world as one who guides or directs a group. Throughout my life, I have been able to create my own definition of what it takes to be a leader and also how to develop and apply the skills required to achieve and succeed in today’s world. 

Growing up as the youngest of three children, I grew up accustomed to primarily being around adults. A lot of responsibilities were required of me long before they should have been, but in watching my siblings, and my parents go through everything that they did, I knew nothing was too much for me. Their hardship and perseverance molded me into the person I am today. I learned at an early age to make the most of all situations presented to me. I love being challenged because it gives me the opportunity to face my fears and strengthen my weaknesses. Once I’m able to overcome adversity, I truly enjoy helping those around me fight through their issues and leading them to success.  Although I love helping people and leading them through tasks and situations, I believe being humble and having a servant’s attitude is also key, as it shows you are an advocate for those who help you. These skills that I possess have made it possible for me to effectively and profitably run my own media company since I was a sophomore in high school. 


Since 2007, I've been working to effectively channel my creative juices, and through the guiding grace of God, and family support, I was able to create BLASTography. I truly hope that you come to me for all of your media needs, I believe in guaranteeing all customers 150% satisfaction guarantee, and I will work until you are satisfied.


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